Predecessor Hotfix v0.2.1


Hotfix 0.2.1 is now live and addresses a few issues that came with yesterday's update. We've also seen that some players are concerned about our newly introduced ban scaling, so we are slightly adjusting it and will monitor the changes closely.

Predecessor: Hotfix v0.2.1

▪ Fixed a bug where the center kill feed would show numbers instead of player-names
▪ Fixed a bug where Gadget's Seek And Destroy [RMB] decal had the incorrect team colour
▪ Fixed a rare bug that could cause the Server to crash
▪ Fixed a bug where Feng Mao's movement speed was increasing above its intended value
▪ Fixed a bug where Custom Matchmaking without a code would show an incorrect error
▪ Fixed a bug where Howitzer's abilities were incorrectly triggering Mutilator's passive Mutilate multiple times
▪ Penalties for AFKing or Dodging Draft were incorrectly using player data from previous game versions. This has been fixed; incorrect bans have now been removed and future penalties will now only be calculated using data from V0.2.1 onwards

▪ The penalty scaling for AFK/Draft Dodging has been adjusted to be less punishing.
» 1st penalty results in a 30 seconds ban
» 2nd penalty results in a 5 minute ban
» 3rd penalty results in a 15 minute ban
» 4th penalty results in a 30 minute ban
» 5th penalty results in a 30 minute ban
» 6th penalty results in a 30 minute ban
» 7th penalty results in a 1 hour ban
» 8th penalty results in a 1 hour ban
» 9th penalty results in a 1 hour ban
» 10th penalty results in a 12 hour ban
» 11th penalty and onwards results in a 24 hour ban
We will continue to monitor this ban system and adjust accordingly