Stress Test Servers


We are closing access to Predecessor for the Stress Test Weekend as we continue working on stabilizing and expanding our servers.

There were a lot more of you who wanted to play than we anticipated. With an enormous influx of players shutting our servers down so quickly, it helped us to understand and find issues we need to resolve in advance of Early Access release.

We understand players wanted to play in our updated world, experience hero adjustments, and play with new items, but the main reason for this stress test was a success. As developers, we're excited to see the joy from the community when you experience our game. We want you to play just as much, if not more.

Lastly, we appreciate everyone who assisted in stressing our servers. We're extremely proud of our community who stood by us with all of your support and well wishes. Chances are we'll need your help again in the future before Early Access release. Who knows, you may see a few new faces in our roster next time.

You are who we have in mind as we continue to develop Predecessor.

- Omeda Studios Team