Animation Engineer

Remote / London, UK

Omeda Studios is looking for a Animation Engineer to work on Predecessor, a highly anticipated Third Person Action MOBA. A successful candidate should have a strong understanding of best practices with Unreal Engine, implementing new and exciting gameplay features within a multiplayer environment. We work closely with other disciplines to help them realise their ideas.

You will be first and foremost a team player, while also having the ability to be self-motivated, work autonomously and have the desire to lead their department.

In this role you will

●     Analyse and determine if current animation functionalities in the game meet the project’s requirements
●     Working closely with designers and gameplay programmers to implement gameplay interactions using animation technology, such as character locomotion
●     Work as a key part of an agile development team, and assist the lead with planning and review of features and mentoring less experienced programmers
●    Implement innovative solutions to feature requests, taking into account performance, maintainability and appropriate resource usage
●     Participate in the definition of coding practices and ensure coding standards are followed with regular code reviews
●     Collaborate with stakeholders to gather and analyze technical constraints and establish solutions
●     Demonstrate an understanding of load and feature testing, write test code, and develop test frameworks and processes
●     Stay up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology and promote its use within the studio
●     Integrate large-scale modules or components while minimizing the impact on the rest of the programming team
●     Able to be flexible for when animation needs certain functionality such as custom notify’s and curves.
●     Establish and maintain contact with their counterparts within the studio, share knowledge and best practices, and put those learnings to use on their projects
●     Involved in the optimization of systems Skills and Knowledge

What we are looking for

●     Significant knowledge of character animation, IK, procedural or physics-based animation
●     Strong mathematics and physics skills
●     Strong C++ skills
●     Comfortable working in Unreal Engine creating Blueprints and State Machines for Advanced Locomotion systems
●     Experience in converting Blueprint into C++
●     Deep understanding of software performance considerations, with ability to design and implement well performance systems/features
●     Proven ability to analyse unfamiliar code of a reasonable complexity to understand, extend, refactor and optimize an existing module
●     Understanding of the constraints and technical requirements for console platform development within their area
●     Self-motivated, strong work ethic, and able to work independently.
●     Creativity in problem-solving and the ability to think outside of the established solutions.

Nice to haves

●     Experience with the Paragon locomotion system
●     Experience with real-time networked multiplayer games
●     Professional Unreal Engine 4 dev experience
●     Passionate about MOBAs


●     Stock options
●     Fully remote role
●     Start-Up studio means you are heavily involved from the beginning.

Are you interested? Please contact