by Omeda Studios

Predecessor is a 3rd person MOBA currently in development for release on PC.
By leveraging the Paragon assets on the Unreal Engine, Omeda Studios looks forward to bringing you fast-paced action with a AAA finish!
Closed Alpha Access coming soon!

The power of the elements

The universe divided into three. The Heroes you choose and the Elements they wield will change the way you play. Now more than ever, character picks are a strategic way to gain an advantage in battle. Which will you choose?
  • From planets colliding, to the solar flares of a thousand burning suns; Matter is the energy yielded from the universe's most fearsome physical forces. Ever focused and never dying this Element is not for the weak hearted; it will show you true strength.
  • Prayers of hope, presence of lost ones; Spirit is the bridge that binds us to eternity. The warmth of its touch, rattles the mightiest of brutes to their knees. Power in numbers, this Element imbues it's beholders with the courage of everlasting life.
  • It cannot be found. It cannot be created. It cannot be destroyed. It only consumes. Void draws it's energy from the darkest corners of the universe, where light would not dare show its face. Those who wield it, become it.
  • Rampage
  • Serath
  • Sevarog
  • Element Matter
  • Element Spirit
  • Element Void
  • Element Symbol Matter
  • Element Symbol Spirit
  • Element Symbol Void
  • Rampage Miniature
  • Serath Miniature
  • Sevarog Miniature
  • Element Matter Miniature
  • Element Spirit Miniature
  • Element Void Miniature
  • Element Symbol Matter Miniature
  • Element Symbol Spirit Miniature
  • Element Symbol Void Miniature

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Other questions may be added at a later date but this should cover the most frequent ones. Hopefully you all keep track of the progress and enjoy the live Development Streams on Twitch !

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